Help us build a dream

In August 2012, we went to visit "Fundacion Proyecto Union",and prayed and sang to all children and young people living here. They are children abandoned by their families with very complicated diagnosis.

On this day especially, we felt the presence of God and the power of prayer, but especially when we sang we felt that the hearts of the children and all of the nurses and staff were touched.

When we finished, the director of the Foundation, Dr Fernando Quintero, invited us to sit down and talk with us, and he asked us:Would you help me build a dream? and all of us answered YES, what is your dream?

And he told us, I want to build a hospital, for each child born in Colombia, who suffers some illnes and who is abandoned in a hospital, offering this child love and care for as long as God permits he lives.

We loved the idea and felt we should start working from that moment to achieve the dream.But we asked him ,How can we help?

And he said ,today you sang very good, why don't you record an album with your music and sell it and you can donate what you earn to build this dream.

And we all said YES!

Let's do it!

We told our mothers, and we felt at the beginning they didn't think this could be achieved. None of us has had musical or singing lessons, so it was not so easy to think that we would achieve this project.

We started to gather more often, and each of us began a spiritual process, in prayer to the Holy Spirit to help us compose these songs we wanted to record.

Two months later we told our mothers, we were ready and that we had several songs for the CD.

They sat one day, they heard a song and said, this is from God! Let's do it!

Héctor Tobo who is a catholic composer and singer came in our path , and we proposed him this project, and he said yes for Virgin Mary everything, and he started to help us in the in the direction.Juan Sebastian Caicedo was the producer, and we began a wonderful process of recording, praying and fulfilling this dream.

We launched our CD on May 17, 2013, and the five of us singing at a concert was very special.Out service to God had just begun.

Five years have past since this mission started, and we can say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

We have met two objectives,selling more than 4500 cds and ginving the Foundation all the profit and open many rosaries of children praying for many children and bringing hope to families.

Today we have piece of land to build the hospital, which also came from heaven and we have a very large commitment to continue working towards fulfilling our goal:


We invite you to watch the video of the Foundation and to help us donating to build this dream in Parque Jaime Duque for all the children in Colombia who need it and achieve this dream that started one day.

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