Our CD helps children

The project to record a CD of Catholic music, was born in June 2012, when we visited the Hogar Santa Rita de Casia from Fundación Proyecto Unión, which houses more than 55 children and young people abandoned by their families because of their complicated diagnoses.

We prayed the "Rosary of children by children" and sang for them.

When we finished Fernando Quintero director and founder, invites us to help him to achieve his dream and build a specialized medical unit for many children in Colombia, who have neither resources nor a place to live properly their illness.

We all said yes, and began a great adventure to help this foundation, composing songs to record a CD,and donating all the profit to the Foundation to fulfill this dream.

Héctor Tobo, Catholic singer, helped us in management, production with effort and love. Ivan Lanzziano, in prayer and direction. Our families and friends also believed in the project which was launched on May 17, 2013 in a concert at the Chapel of Santa Ana de Centro Chía.

During this time we have sold more than 4500 cds, we have performed in more than 20 concerts and we have spread this Catholic mission of "ROSARY OF CHILDREN BY CHILDREN" while we help build this dream to help children in Colombia.

In May 2016, we decided to produce another cd, which is the combination of our musical production, accompanied by the Rosary with the voiceovers made by us. We believe this is a great tool, to pray and accompany all those who want to start de Rosary

For this reason the ROSARY OF CHILDREN BY CHILDREN with the Fundacion Proyecto Union, wants to invite you to help build this dream, LOS ANGELES LIFE CENTER

¿Where can you get our cd??

You can buy our songs in Amazon MP3 iTunes Deezer ; and if you want the latest CD, which is the spoken Rosary, and songs you can buy it in theFoundation (Hogar Santa Rita Cascia Foundation Cra 5 # 67 -74 or Casa de los Angeles Cra 59 c # 130 -21) as well as in all the rosaries that take place or writing to us through our contact form‬.